Tyrewatch TPMS

TyreWatch working smarter with your fleet’s tyres

TyreWatch provides continuous real-time monitoring for every tyre in your fleet. Giving your business complete peace of mind, staying one step ahead with routine maintenance, and preventing downtime from roadside breakdowns.

TyreWatch works in conjunction with your daily visual checks and Tructyre’s proactive tyre maintenance – to keep your fleet safe when it is out on the open road. With sensors securely mounted to the wheels, TyreWatch is engineered to work with any brand of existing, new and retread tyre. The tyre data is transmitted in real-time to the TyreWatch servers which provide continuous analysis using artificial intelligence. Your real-time tyre data is accessible on the TyreWatch servers and in each vehicle’s cab, it also seamlessly integrates with OEM telematics, TomTom Telematics Webfleet and other potential third-party platforms.

Stay one step ahead with routine maintenance

With accurate tyre pressure reports for your entire fleet, Tructyre need only correct those tyres requiring attention – optimising tyre maintenance, saving time and cost. TyreWatch call this ‘digital servicing by exception’.

Should the TyreWatch monitoring service detect slow but consistent pressure loss during operation – a prediction of the time to critical failure is calculated. Your vehicle can complete its journey safely under a continuous protective watch. Once it returns to base with the fault and location identified, Tructyre can perform timely and specific tyre maintenance.

Predict and prevent potential tyre failure

However, when TyreWatch detects rapid pressure leakage or high temperature – the main causes of tyre failure – it generates an urgent stop alert. The driver can choose where to stop safely whilst maintaining full-control of the vehicle – improving road safety for everyone, preventing roadside failure and saving the cost of a new tyre. With an accurate GPS location as standard, Tructyre can locate your vehicle precisely to minimise downtime.

As part of active fleet management Tructyre recommend TyreWatch predictive monitoring.

Benefits of TyreWatch

  • Continuously monitor and analyse your fleet’s tyres
  • Inform you of routine maintenance requirements
  • Predict and prevent potential tyre failure

Additionally, it will

  • Maximise vehicle uptime
  • Improve road safety for everyone
  • Increase tyre service life
  • Reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions
  • Optimise tyre maintenance


Download the TyreWatch brochure and FAQs more details.

TyreWatch TrailerSmart

Download the TyreWatch TrailerSmart brochure and FAQs – the stand-alone package for trailers pulled by many different HGV tractors.

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