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Case study – Plant Tyre Services for J. Mould (Reading)

J. Mould (Reading)

Sector: Demolition, decontamination and haulage services
Fleet size: 60+ vehicles
Solution: Purchasing management contract with proactive maintenance

Reducing budget and maintaining uptime – keeping demolition mobile

Andy Starsmeare, Plant & Recycling Manager at J Mould (Reading), explains how Commercial Tyres Off Highway’s invaluable support keeps their plant on track.

J. Mould (Reading) (JMR) are market leaders in specialist demolition, decontamination and haulage services. Privately owned, with more than 45 years of experience, they tackle every aspect of demolition waste from sites throughout the Thames Valley. Working on large projects, they receive over 250,000 tonnes of waste every year.

“They’ve only looked after our off highway plant for two years. It’s great to have a specialist team, who provide the same care and values as we’ve received on our on-road fleet for years.”

JMR are proud of the their part in reducing landfill from construction waste with their on-road fleet of over 50 bulk vehicles and it is critical that their off highway plant keeps working just as hard. It starts with moving waste around their Reading quarry for grading, sorting and processing – 99% of all waste is recycled. The sorted concrete, brick, hardcore, tarmac and soil aggregates are stored in stockpiles up to ten metres high. As the tippers leave the site, JMR load them with recycled aggregates destined for new construction sites and civil engineering projects.

JMR operates three Hitachi 2W 310 loading shovels in their Reading quarry with each machine allocated to a particular operator. Their qualified service team maintains all machinery to above manufacturers’ specifications except for the tyres, which Andy trusts to Commercial Tyres Off Highway.

This heavy plant runs premium radial tyres chosen for excellent traction, long tyre life and lower fuel consumption. Their construction also delivers superior operator comfort so everyone wins. Interestingly, Andy specifies a different brand to the standard specification and runs them at higher pressures. The manufacturer states JMR’s tyres lasts longer than identical machines operating in similar environments. Andy comments, “It’s important to control your costs and my experience shows these tyres last longer than the budget brands.”

To further support this aim, JMR pays particular attention to driver training to encourage good driving styles including smooth acceleration, gentle turning, correct loading of the shovel and optimal tyre pressures. An inexperienced operator could shred these tyres in a fraction of the timescale budgeted.

Commercial Tyres Off Highway’s proactive tyre maintenance programme means that, on an agreed periodic basis, their technicians correct tyre pressure, monitor tyre wear and inspect for visible signs of damage or abnormalities which could lead to reduced tyre life.

As a result of one such inspection, the frontline shovel is being worked on today – timed to coincide with the operator’s holiday to minimise plant downtime. After 7,500 hours of use, the steering tyres are a little over 50% worn and are being rotated front to back to extend service life. To further drive value, a slow puncture is also being repaired while the tyre is off the rim.

Andy states, “Commercial Tyres Off Highway’s reliability is important to us as downtime is expensive and I appreciate the professional way they operate. Their emphasis on health and safety matches ours, and their team is helpful and friendly.”

Having experienced a costly tyre replacement at first hand, as a consequence of their previous supplier’s action, JMR looked to find a supplier who would deliver a first class product and service. They selected Commercial Tyres Off Highway as Tructyre had successfully run their road fleet contract for many years. Through working with two specialist divisions of one company, they have managed to reduce their tyre budget. Andy comments, “Their common approach to high service levels, reliability and expertise is without doubt, but as with all businesses you need to receive good value too.”

It’s clear that Andy understands the importance of keeping the tyres in good condition and controlling costs.

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