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Working in our mobile service team

At the forefront of the Tructyre ATS workforce is our dedicated team of over 550 tyre technicians. Operating from over 70 strategically located service centres across the country, each technician has a fully equipped specialist service vehicle. Together, they work hard to keep over 25,000 vehicles and trailers mobile.

Tructyre ATS tyre technicians

As part of our mobile service team, you’ll do much more than simply fit tyres – which is why we call you tyre technicians. We recruit and continually invest to develop the best tyre technicians at every level. Whether you’re looking to make the next step, or already highly skilled and experienced, or just starting out, we’d like to hear from you.

As a tyre technician you will provide our proactive vehicle inspections to commercial vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Should any issues be detected you will perform tyre maintenance in accordance with agreed fleet policies. When tyres need to be replaced you will fit the best choice of new and retread tyres available. Operationally, you will build an in-depth knowledge of the commercial vehicles in your customers’ fleets.

However, with the condition of the national road network continuing to deteriorate, levels of debris increasing, and traffic congestion leading to accidental kerbing – incidents of tyre damage can happen at any time. As part of our rapid roadside support team you’ll work to get commercial vehicles mobile again, faster.

Tructyre ATS are committed to providing a unique level of training to ensure we perform our fleet tyre services in the safest, most consistent and professional manner. We ensure our health and safety procedures are fully compliant and are proud to hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditations.

Tructyre ATS work hard to deliver our renowned levels of customer service. We ensure we are leading employers and are rightfully proud of our employee retention rates.

Training and technical qualifications

We invest in training all our tyre technicians to the highest standards supporting industry technical accreditations:

  • Technical training courses
  • ‘Licence to Fit’ City & Guilds programme
  • NTDA Licensed Commercial Tyre Technician certification
  • REACT Roadside Emergency Licences
  • IRTEC Tyre developed by the Institute of Road Transport Engineers

The REACT licence lasts for five years, after which the refresher course keeps you up to date with any changes, such as smart motorways.

As your career progresses, we’ll also invest in developing your customer service, team leadership and management skills.

What’s it like working for Tructyre ATS?

“I joined Tructyre when they acquired the Commercial Tyres group of businesses in 2013. My experience has been totally positive, they invest in our training, our equipment and our tools, so we can be the best at what we do. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else, that’s the Tructyre effect.”


Tructyre ATS consider apprenticeships from mechanically minded recruits above the age of 18. All apprentices start under the direction of qualified commercial tyre technicians operating from one of our local service centres and follow a structured training programme.

Chris joined Tructyre in 2004 aged 18 and commented: “Knowing that you could start at the bottom and have a career to aim for sounded great. I also liked that there would be a variety of work – no two days are the same.”

truck tyre fitter

truck tyre fitter - wouldn't want to work anywhere else!
commercial tyre technician - no two days are the same

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