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Dani Ford talks about her career with Tructyre

Working for Tructyre

Everyone here at Tructyre is dedicated to providing exceptional levels of service to our valued customers. Our highly trained technicians deliver on-site, proactive accident prevention - designed to remove the likelihood of breakdowns happening in the first place.

However, when a breakdown does occur, our customers need urgent roadside service. When you telephone +44 (0)330 100 7707, you’ll speak to one of our 22 trained specialists in the Service Centre – the first line of support in this process.

Our target is to answer your calls within three rings, and take all the details necessary to create the e-job sheet. With over 12,000 vehicles and trailers to support, we receive around 200 phone calls on a typical day. It’s a busy and dynamic environment to work in, with the team operating a 24/7/365 shift pattern.

The e-job sheets are then sent to the Tablet of the technician who can get to you the quickest. We're rightly proud of our industry-leading response time, delivered by over 120 technicians operating out of 26 service centres.

Today we talk to Dani Ford, who joined Tructyre in January 2007, and has progressed considerably since then. Now the Fleet Administration Manager responsible for the day-to-day operation of this team, Dani talks about her training, experience and a few personal details.

Dani Ford, Fleet Administration Manager

Getting started at Tructyre

Dani trained as a beauty therapist at college, but after 6-7 months of working evenings and weekends she tired of the long hours. Keen to reduce her working hours, she decided to try office work and went to see a local employment agency. Quite by chance, this led to an interview with Tructyre later the very same day. Not having any previous experience, Dani was thrilled with their offer of employment as office junior.

So on the 23rd of January, Dani started working in Tructyre’s admin team at Winchester. Her first task was to separate 3,000 three-part paper invoices into the different colours. Then, marry these up with the 6,000 appropriate paper job sheets, staple them together and insert them into envelopes. At the end of her first day, Dani went home and was surprised to wake up in the middle of the night dreaming about this procedure!

Dani’s commitment to accuracy meant that she was soon trusted to handle these important tasks with minor supervision. But Tructyre have always invested in new technology and just two months later, they adopted digital e-pen technology. This sent a digital file of the job sheet from the roadside straight to the office and also the customer, removing the need to match invoices to job sheets.

With the Operations team receiving the calls for roadside service, the 5-6 strong Admin team provided effective back-office support. This involved tasks such as keying job sheets onto the invoicing system, making sure purchase order numbers were recorded, providing stock level information to Purchasing, updating the casing management system and generating customer analysis reports for the Sales team.

Throughout this time, Dani always showed an ability to learn quickly and was keen to take on more responsibility. When the Assistant Manager went on maternity leave, Dani was entrusted with this role on an interim basis. With her cheerful disposition, she took on the challenge with enthusiasm and soon proved the job was well within her capabilities. Supported by the Michelin Principles of Management course, and then a few months later, the Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Team Leading, the following year we had no hesitation in making this promotion permanent.

By this point, Dani’s knowledge of our admin and reporting procedures was second to none. With her willingness to help others, combined with her patience and positive outlook, she is a great asset in training new team members. Having previously gone through the same training, she is capable of delivering information at the right pace, and makes light work of explaining what seem like complicated procedures to inexperienced staff.

To further improve operational efficiency in 2013, Tructyre invested in Tablets for our technicians. These removed the use of paper job sheets, which once again changed the administration dynamic within the company. Dani was heavily involved on this pilot project, making sure all systems were 100% before being rolled out to every technician.

All successful businesses need to investigate ways to improve service, customer experience and efficiency. This resulted with both the Operations team and Admin team being merged into one large office in 2012. Responsibility was initially kept as previously, with Operations managing the calls and the technicians, and Admin providing support.

With the acquisition of the Commercial Tyres business in Autumn 2012, we needed to strengthen the team ready for the increased workload. The performance of the existing teams was good, but operationally it would be clearer to have just one departmental head. After a period of evaluation, Dani was promoted to Fleet Administration Manager in March 2013, with leadership and responsibility for a team of 11.

Tructyre’s business had expanded rapidly in recent years, and the warehouse and office facilities in Winchester were now too small to facilitate its needs. This led to our Eastleigh relocation, with significantly larger premises in February 2014. Since then we have added 2 more recruits to our team, requiring Tructyre-specific training to deliver the high levels of service that our clients expect.

Dani speaks enthusiastically about the path her career has taken with Tructyre. From a chance interview at an employment agency through to managing a busy team of 22, Dani’s effort and performance has seen her go from strength to strength. As a friendly, independent company, we remain committed to our Operations and Administration Apprenticeship program, which develops the talent we need for the business challenges of tomorrow.

What did your training involve?

Most of my training (as with any career) has been on the job, with formal training to develop my skills as I have progressed.

When I joined, I was apprehensive about taking the Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Business Administration. I’d been to college and I thought that school was behind me. When I passed it in the November, I really appreciated the extra skills I learnt and how they helped me do a better job. After that, I was keen to take the Level 3 NVQ Certificate the following year.

During 2009, I became Acting Assistant Manager to cover maternity leave, which became permanent in early 2010. I think the Michelin Principles of Management course really helped me make the transition to a position with management responsibility. Later that year, the Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Team Leading helped me develop my management skills and enhanced my ability to train new recruits. This was reinforced in my last Management Training course, which was valuable in helping me to manage new tasks and challenges.

Tructyre make a significant investment in training to help you develop, and I have to say that without it, I wouldn’t be able to do my job so well. We had a great result in a 2014 industry awards event, where we received 3rd place for our employee training schemes – just behind international companies Michelin and Continental. We’ve also been awarded the highest possible level of Investors in People accreditation, and it’s not hard to see why – Tructyre really want to develop (and reward!) staff who are willing to go the extra mile.

What's it like working for Tructyre?

Tructyre is an independently owned company, and talking to my friends I realise this makes us different from other companies. I would describe Tructyre as more of a family – we really do support, help and look after each other. We all take great pride in delivering the best service we can for our customers; we know they have a choice, and we work hard to be the best-in-class provider. Yes, it can be stressful at times and we do work hard, but you always feel supported and part of the same strong team. We enjoy a bit of fun too – a good laugh and a sense of humour is important!

Personally, I get a lot of satisfaction from my job and seeing the team delivering great service. The best feeling is when a customer rings to compliment the service one of the team has provided. I get a real buzz from that, and always share it with them.

Tell us a bit more about yourself

When I was younger I used to run at county level, but it takes a lot of commitment to maintain that level of fitness. Now, outside of work I enjoy going to the gym, socialising with friends, and of course, going on holiday!

What would you say to anyone considering joining as an apprentice?

We were quick to realise the value of training apprentices ‘the Tructyre way’ to deliver the high standards our customers expect. Within the Operations and Admin Call Centre team, we’re particularly interested to hear from you if you’re a fast learner, have a friendly telephone manner and really enjoy helping people. You also need to enter data accurately, be capable of understanding our diverse product range - all whilst working under time pressure. If that sounds like you, we’ll invest in your future so that you’ll have a real career, and not just a job.

Quick fire quiz

What did you have for breakfast?
Today I just had Belvita biscuits, as I wanted to get to work early.

What's your favourite film?
It has to be Dirty Dancing – a classic.

What sport do you like to follow?
I enjoy watching any athletics competition.

What's your favourite music?
I like almost everything – RnB, the 80s, soft rock - you name it.
My not-so-secret guilty pleasure is singing along in the car!

What's your favourite food?
Fresh seafood pasta.

What’s your dream car?
A Land Rover Evoque, in white.

Fleet Administrators at Tructyre
Fleet Administrators in Tructyre Office, Eastleigh
We all take great pride in delivering the best service we can for our customers; we know they have a choice, and we work hard to be the best in class provider. We enjoy a bit of fun too – a good laugh and a sense of humour is important!

Dani Ford,
Fleet Administration Manager.

t: +44 (0)330 100 7707

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